Case Studies - The New CEO

“My personal desire to gain insight into the development needs I have in terms of leadership was very strong.”
--Matt Batt
Leadership Challenge
The CEO was grooming Matt Batt to be his successor when the technology public relations agency they worked for was acquired. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Matt was eager to proceed forward in his leadership development. In August 2007, Matt began to work with McGurer & Associates.

Set the Course
The results of his Hogan Development Survey validated for Matt which of his behaviors could be potential derailers in terms of his career growth. Matt commented, “The Hogan Assessment was amazing. I found out that some behaviors I thought were positive could really be derailers.” Drawing on the survey feedback, Matt and Denny defined a development plan and established three areas of focus for his G.P.S.™ (Goal Producing Strategy):
  • Listening and communication
  • Self awareness and humility
  • Strategic planning and customer focus
Facing a New Business Challenge
With the situation at work still unresolved, Matt spent the last month of the year considering whether or not to start his own business. Denny assured Matt that he was more prepared to be a business owner than 95% of the people who try an entrepreneurial venture. The combination of Denny’s coaching, the empowerment of knowing both his strengths and his weaknesses, and his wife’s unwavering faith in him gave Matt the courage to break out on his own.

“I had a lot of trust in Denny and knew he could benefit me in my career.”
--Matt Batt
On His Own But Not Alone
As the new company, Pipeline Media Relations, began to take shape, Denny connected Matt with a group of knowledgeable professionals all ready and willing to help him succeed. Among them was Mike Petty, a McGurer & Associates partner with extensive financial and strategic management experience. Mike became Matt’s “virtual CFO.”

He helped him put together a solid financial strategy in a short amount of time. Recognizing the potential synergies between their companies, Denny introduced Matt to John Vautier, an expert in communications. Now, John’s company, Vautier Communications, provides coaching for some of Matt’s clients. They’ve formed a valuable strategic partnership. When he spoke of the networking opportunities that Denny arranged for him, Matt said, “The whole process has opened my eyes to being a business owner. You become successful because of the knowledge you gain from the people around you.”

Denny’s more than an Executive Coach. He’s a life coach.”
--Matt Batt
Business Outcomes
Pipeline Media Relations launched in mid-January 2008 with two clients. Just three months later, Matt has nine clients and has doubled his income. With his business in such a dramatic growth mode, Matt relies on McGurer & Associates to help him deal with the changes from both a process and emotional point of view. “I just need someone to remind me of why I’m doing it and how I’m going to get through it” reflects Matt. Recognizing that the continued positive growth of his business will be largely dependent on his growth as a leader, Matt diligently works on the three focus areas from his G.P.S.™ Matt explained, “We tend to associate talking with good communication. But I’ve come to understand that listening is really the key. I’ve seen it work miracles since I’ve started this business.” In terms of strategic planning and customer focus, he goes on to say, “I realize I tend to get so laser focused on the results I forget what those results mean for the client. Mike and Denny have taught me to constantly ask my clients ‘Am I providing value for you?’”

The Difference is Priceless
Matt explains the difference between working with McGurer & Associates compared to other coaching firms, “With other coaches, it’s all about them and what they know and not about you. Denny is so unbelievably effective in helping the folks he’s coaching because he consistently puts others first. He’s always thinking about you. He’s always connecting the dots. You can’t put a price tag on that.”