"There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish."
--Warren G. Bennis
This philosophy ,so eloquently stated by Warren Bennis, is at the heart of our approach to coaching leaders. Personal development and team development must go hand-in-hand in order for your strategic vision to become reality. The following explains how we help business leaders engage their teams in a cooperative effort to reach specific business objectives.

Business Challenge
As an ambitious high integrity business leader, you’re motivated to use your talents to make a difference. You have a strategic vision for how to “move the mark” for your organization in significant ways. Standing between you and your goals are any number of challenges or barriers to success such as:
  • “The Job” (being reactive)
  • Lack of influence and/or Limited access to resources
  • No time/capacity to be proactive
  • No “sounding board” or confidante off of whom to bounce ideas
  • Isolation (Trying not to let them see you sweat)
  • “Herding cats” (management issues)
To break through the barriers that keep you from fully achieving your goals, you need a trusted advisor who:
  • Adds capacity to your team
  • Is a reliable sounding board
  • Reacts quickly to your needs
  • Can guide you from personal experience
  • Points out the mines in the minefield
One of the most unique and exclusive aspects of working with McGurer & Associates is the care we take making powerful business connections for you. We get you an audience with good people doing great work so you can learn cutting-edge best practices. The time you spend with these high-level professionals accelerates your personal development. By shortening your learning curve, we are shortening the time it takes for you to produce measurable results.
Your Solution: The Coaching Journey
The Coaching Journey, a highly personalized Executive Coaching System, is our exclusive approach to helping you face your particular business challenges and make your strategic vision a reality. Your Coaching Journey is not an exercise in rhetoric or theory. It is an action and results oriented process. We work with you to carefully select the appropriate tools and resources that address your individual and team challenges. The links below highlight some of the resources our clients have found most valuable: