Below is a description of some of the key companies we partner with to meet your individual and team development needs. Because we have outstanding relationships with these and other top industry players as well as a long history of working together, you are able to focus your energy on what you need to do for your business, while we coordinate individual and team performance improvement solutions.
A cost effective All-Star Team of performance improvement programs and experts is thoughtfully drafted from Advantage Performance Group’s nationwide network of consultants. Advantage Logo
Adding to the roster is The Ken Blanchard Companies, a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership effectiveness solutions. The Ken Blanchard Companies logo
Vautier Communications coaches individuals and teams to communicate critical internal and external messages. The outcome is that those who hear these messages: Act on them, Understand them, Believe in them. The individual or team is seen as confident, professional and committed, earning listener trust and driving change. Vautier logo
For custom training development, Type A Learning creates blended learning solutions with a special focus on e-learning that drive performance across the enterprise. Type A logo
The Real Learning Company helps us tailor a performance improvement process that accelerates time to performance by blending experiential learning with Web tools and reinforcement materials to extend the learning. The Real Learning Company Logo
For Sales Performance Improvement we trust Huthwaite, pioneers in the application of behavioral analysis to benchmark sales excellence in the field, combining empirical research with the fundamentals of organizational change and world-class training to improve the effectiveness of professional sellers. Huthwaite Logo
Additional Partners:
Hogan Assessment Systems is a premium test publishing company that uses a comprehensive suite of personality assessments to help companies select employees, develop leaders, and identify talent. We leverage our partnership with Hogan Assessments to help organizations maximize their human resources through a vast library of research and scientifically based predictive power. Hogan Assessments Logo
Since 1985, the Lebow Company has been helping organizations create Heroic Environments®. The Process® is a 48 - month cultural change journey that transforms an organization into a Freedom-Based, TransAction Zone behaving culture. Lewbow Company Logo