About Us

Who we are
“Where experience makes the difference” is a lot more than just a clever marketing tagline. It is the truth about McGurer & Associates. We dedicate the knowledge we’ve earned from years of leadership experience in top companies representing a variety of industries to helping you accelerate business results. We offer you proven methods and processes coupled with innovative ideas on leadership coaching, strategic planning, performance improvement, and team development.

Together, we can form a powerful alliance that will enable you to transform challenges into career–making opportunities. From our experience, effective processes, and well-conceived strategies, you can draw the vast knowledge, political strength, and insight necessary to succeed.

Our Value Proposition
Through a well orchestrated combination of:
  • strategic planning support
  • process improvement methods
  • individual coaching
  • and training
we help our clients create ideal conditions under which confident leaders and high performing teams can work together more effectively to:
  • maximize market opportunities
  • exceed expectations
  • achieve aggressive business goals
Client Value Matrix
We Will... So, you can...
  • Help you establish relationships with today’s most successful business experts
  • Bring the right resources to the table at the right time
  • Accelerate through the learning curve
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend searching for and evaluating resources
  • Concentrate your time and energy on strategic activities
  • Take the initiative to learn, without being invasive, your company’s business including: industry trends, key players, and corporate expectations
  • Learn about your company’s political arena from an objective point of view
  • Build relationships with influential champions who can help you move strategies forward faster
  • Follow a process founded on the combination of cutting edge research and decades of personal experience
  • Manage the entire engagement with attention to the details
  • Hold you accountable for the 20% of priorities that will drive 80% of your results
  • Align your team’s purpose, goals, and action plans with corporate objectives
  • Earn buy-in and accountability from all the key players
  • Capitalize on market opportunities in shorter time frames
  • Share our wisdom from a long track record of executive success
  • Treat you with integrity and respect
  • Foresee potential challenges and know how to navigate smoothly through tough situations
  • Be open to hearing what you need to hear in order to grow personally and professionally
  • Have a reliable objective sounding board for your ideas and concerns