Our Approach - The Coaching Journey

Business Challenge
As an ambitious high integrity business leader, you’re motivated to use your talents to make a difference. You have a strategic vision for how to “move the mark” for your organization in significant ways. Standing between you and your goals are any number of challenges or barriers to success. To break through the barriers that keep you from fully achieving your goals, you need a trusted advisor.

Your Solution: The Coaching Journey
The Coaching Journey, a highly personalized Executive Coaching System, is our exclusive approach to helping you face your particular business challenges and make your strategic vision a reality. Each Journey is guided by a G.P.S.™ –Goal Producing Strategy that starts with your values and vision, factors in corporate expectations and follows a detailed action plan for realizing significant business impact.

A critical differentiator in our process is the emphasis we place on developing the leader and the team concurrently. Because you and your direct reports are working through a structured process together, there is more buy-in and higher levels of mutual accountability for measurable results.

At McGurer & Associates we recognize that in order for us to help you “move the mark,” we have to actively open up space for you and your team to focus on your highest priorities. We bring you resources and insight that free you to work on mission-critical activities.

Recommended Implementation Process
Here is a brief illustration of a typical Coaching Journey engagement. Please contact us for further details or to learn more about customizing your own Coaching Journey.

  • Business Goals and objectives
  • Goals for the Coaching relationship
  • Milestones to measure success
  • Actions plan
  • Agreement to mutual accountability
  • Leadership assessment
  • Interviews with colleagues, managers, key players
  • One-on-one dialogue with team members
  • Development plan

We learn your business:
  • Political dynamics
  • Corporate culture
  • Executive expectations
  • Strategic direction
  • Industry trends
  • Private coaching face-to-face & phone
  • Individual & team performance improvement solutions
  • Process improvements
  • We coordinate resources, you focus on strategic activities

  • Feedback
  • Progress reports
  • Close contact
  • Keep on course